Cofinia consulting strives to help SMEs grow by providing them with high-quality services in management accounting, financial accounting and business intelligence.

Not only are we accountants, but we also stand out because we integrate technology into accounting and operational processes in order to gain efficiencies, and to quickly produce reliable and useful financial information to help the entrepreneurs in their strategic decision-making.

For us, accounting is not just a regulatory requirement; it is the combination of processes resulting from best practices that make organizations more efficient. Our goal is to ensure that our customers focus on what they do best by giving them the tools they need to run their business optimally on a daily basis.

We can provide your company with complete accounting support in outsourcing mode, we can support your team, or we can fulfill a special mandate to address a specific problem. Cofinia can handle your needs.


“To help businesses accomplish their goals by providing quality management accounting, financial accounting and business intelligence services."


Marie-Andrée Giroux, FCPA, FCMA

Marie-Andrée got a degree in Marketing from Université Laval and then returned to school to complete her accounting degree. She is serious about her work and is very meticulous, and she demonstrates skill finding solutions and implementing technology tools to meet your needs. If you want to better understand your financial results, Marie-Andrée is the right person to explain them.

Léa Brassard-Dion, CPA, CA

Léa holds both a CPA and a CA, is an Accounting graduate from the Université de Sherbrooke. She relocated to Quebec City and has been a great benefit for us. After a career in law and business, Lea wanted to develop her entrepreneurial side and made the leap to Cofinia. She is very versatile, excels in accounting file management, financial analysis and implementing information systems.

Mélanie Gilbert, CPA

An Accounting graduate from the Université du Québec à Rimouski, Mélanie has amassed a wealth of work experience in SMEs that has given her a very diversified background. Melanie has a curious side, constantly seeks to understand “the hows and whys” and is never satisfied with “it has always been that way”. Melanie joined the Cofinia team for more diverse challenges. She is known for her project management skills.

Marie-Josée Cook, B.A.A

Marie-Josée has a BBA in Finance and has gained professional experience in financial and operational accounting over the past 25 years. She has worked in several service companies and para-public organizations. Marie-Josée is versatile, excels in project analysis, profitability calculation and managing work in progress.

Priscilla Ouellet

A graduate in Hotel Management, Priscilla quickly realized through her managerial work that accounting analysis is a fundamental component of good decision-making. She decided to perfect her accounting knowledge at university while working in various SMEs. Her versatility, analytical skills and hard work make her an expert in continuous process improvement. Your accounting needs will be in good hands with Priscilla.

Joan Dubois

Joan has been an accounting technician for more than 25 years and has gained experience with several small and medium-sized businesses during her career. She is a payroll specialist, discreet and meticulous with her work. While Joan is known for her great sense of humour, we can always count on her to be professional.

Clémence Brouillette

Clémence has more than 20 years of experience and stands out for her great skills in management accounting and strong analytical sense. She has a discreet nature, is professional, extremely reliable, and she knows how to make customers appreciative. She likes to share her knowledge and prefers a personalized approach using understandable terms.

Christian Cook, B.A.A

After completing his degree in Accounting at Université Laval, Christian was entrusted to do the accounting for several SMEs. He is known for his legendary calmness, which makes him a great ally in the busy life of a company. He is a payroll specialist and can answer all your accounting questions.

Thierry Veilleux

After completing a DEC in Accounting, Thierry quickly distinguished himself during his time in office by taking charge of complex bookkeeping records. He can resolve auxiliary account errors, handle tax recovery, work out difficult bank reconciliations, etc. No matter what it is, he can figure it out. If you need to tidy up your accounting, contact Thierry.

Alexandre Lachance, B.A.A

Alexandre has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an option in Finance. When Alexandre told us during his interview that he was good for challenges, it did not fall on deaf ears. In addition, having easily assimilated Cofinia’s complex financial models, Alexandre quickly became a Zoho Analytics specialist. If that were not enough, he is preparing to take his 2nd exam towards obtaining his CFA designation.

Molly Francoeur

Molly is an Administrative Technician and is pursuing her university studies in Administrative Sciences, entrepreneurial profile. She is originally from Gaspésie, is passionate about business management and aspires to become an entrepreneur one day. Molly is curious, loves learning and participating in many projects.

Odette Beaulac, B. Sc.

Odette is an Agronomy graduate and also has a DEC in accounting, and she now feeds her passion for numbers. She may be only 3-apples high, but she can climb mountains. Odette is convinced that it is possible to combine environmental and economic viability. She is meticulous, and always attentive and will ensure your accounting data’s accuracy.

Mathieu Lapointe-Fiset

Mathieu quickly became indispensable thanks to his technological skills and his meticulousness. He is a man for all situations, does not hesitate to share his knowledge in accounting, administration, technology, and much more, with customers and our team. He is undeniably someone to follow in terms of being efficient.

Nicolas Guay

Nicolas has always loved working with numbers and is currently an Accounting and Management student at Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon. He is quiet, minds his business and loves working at Cofinia as an intern.

Simon-Pierre Cook

Simon-Pierre is an intern at Cofinia and is very discreet. He currently studies Commercial Management at Cégep Sainte-Foy, as he has a knack with accounting. His interest in numbers becomes all the more obvious when he discusses hockey statistics.